1000 cranes flew the coop


I had this post all set to go but unfortunately, the cranes went missing.  Even though the UPS tracking information says “left on porch”, they are nowhere to be found.  It’s unfortunate that they didn’t get to fulfill their destiny but it doesn’t mean it was all for nothing.  I will still take the proceeds and donate them to MSF.


This past month, I was approached by Ann who wanted to make her wedding special by including 1000 cranes in memory of her grandparents.  Because of the significance of 1000 origami cranes, we agreed that we should try to maximize this collection of cranes to everyone’s mutual benefit. 

  • The couple is in the healthcare field and they enthusiastically agreed to Tiny Paper Cranes’ proposal that the proceeds of the initial sale of cranes would be donated to MSF (Doctors Without Borders).
  • Ann will allow her guests to take home some of the cranes displayed at her wedding in exchange for a donation, which will spread word of Tiny Paper Cranes’ mission; and the proceeds would go to another worthy charity of the couple’s choosing.
  • Ann also said she would replace the cranes that her guests take to bring the total back to 1000 and then present it as a gift to a childhood friend who has been afflicted with Li-Fraumeni Syndrome and multiple cancers.

Because I’ve been busy with becoming a new parent and life in general, I had taken a break from folding.  Having an aggressive target and a worthwhile goal has given me the energy to create origami again and reminded me of why I created Tiny Paper Cranes in the first place.  Congratulations on your wedding Ann and thank you for contributing compassion and empathy to the world while celebrating your love.


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