a three dimensional prayer


Like the rest of the world, I watched horrified as a massive earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan, a country that I love. I am not Japanese however I do feel a spiritual connection, something I likely picked up from my mama as I explain on my other blog. I have wonderful memories from my visits to Tokyo and it’s been one of my dreams to travel from Hokkaido to Okinawa and everywhere in between, for snowboarding, surfing and fully immersing myself in Japanese culture.

My sister is currently living in Tokyo teaching English, she has some amazing stories but is none the worse for wear. Still it was a tense few hours until we got her email. I have a couple of other friends who were in Japan at the time as well as some who are from Japan so it all felt really “close to home”.

I made this and shared it on an online arts community I belong to www.1000acts-of-art.ca. One of the other members called it a three dimensional prayer and I think that phrase captures it well. They liked it enough to share it from their site publicly (you have to register to see most of the art).

together we can overcome

108 tiny paper cranes arranged to symbolize the unity required
by a nation to rebuild from such a devastating natural disaster

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