an origami paper crane tutorial


I’m often told that my videos can’t be followed for directions on making cranes because they’re too fast. So at long last, this is Tiny Paper Cranes official crane making tutorial!

Tip you will see in the video:
When you are making cranes from paper that has a nice design on it, you should be mindful of the area of the paper that you want showing.   You can decide which areas will be the wings and which will be the head and tail.  So if you want those parts to be particular colours or if you want to show off the paper on the wing, you have to plan ahead.   I’m going to fold this crane to show off flowers in the centre of the wings.

Sequence of folds (these terms will make sense when you watch the video and I use them to make it easy to remember):

  • square base
  • leaky ice cream cone
  • kite/man
  • skinny legs fold
  • end: crane


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