CN Tower Climb 2013


I wasn’t planning to do the CN Tower Climb again this year, let’s face it as a new parent your priority is that child and any “free time” should be spent trying to catch up on sleep.  But I sort of got roped into it, and I’m leading my client’s team.

It’s an easy sell to me. I enjoy the physical challenge itself and I’m interested to see how I do vs last year.  Also I LOVE the CN Tower.*

So the time has come again to seek out sponsors for the event.  Like last year, I’d like to offer some origami for anyone who donates $30 or more to the World Wildlife Fund to see me climb the CN Tower.   I can do pandas like last year, but since I have been asked about them, I’m also willing to make these snazzy origami boxes.

Dragons have also proved to be popular.  (Although it is now year of the snake, I haven’t found a fold of model snake that I like or have the ability to make!)

Sponsor me here:


*I have a collection of photos of the CN Tower that I’ve taken from different vantage points in the city.  I keep meaning to make an album or do something with them.

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