cranes on trains


Recently I was visited by one of my cousins from Vancouver, it was her first time in Toronto. She joined me in experiencing one of my favourite activities: riding the subway, the TTC.  Usually I sit back (or stand), listen to my music and yes, I fold tiny paper cranes en route to my destination.  I love being able to take my studio with me wherever I go.

I made sure to point out to her all the different types of faces of the other passengers.   It’s a wonderful scene of diversity and harmony (and thank goodness on this day civility!), something Toronto is proud to be a host of and something I like to show off.  Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, a place I’m proud to call home.   For all the complaints we have about the TTC, it is still a green and cost-effective way to journey about Toronto and a good way to immerse yourself into our cultural mosaic.

If you see Tiny Paper Cranes out and about, say hello and we will likely offer you a crane. :)

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  • :) I’m feeling nostalgic today.
    Thanks for making my Toronto visit so great!
    I keep one of your cranes on me. Funny how high paper wings can lift one’s spirits.
    Love you, cuz <3

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