International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)


Recently, a member of ICAN reached out to me to help spread word of their campaign.   Since their message falls within the ideology of Tiny Paper Cranes, it’s only right to oblige them.

1) ICAN is a message of peace.   It is the hope that we can, together as a planet, decide to abolish nuclear weapons.   The focus is to highlight the devastating humanitarian harm that was and could be inflicted by a nuclear bomb.

2) The use of origami and the symbolism of paper cranes.   In my about page, I speak about Sadako being one of the inspirations of this website.   I think that what this group of students in Hiroshima is doing is courageous and ambitious and an honour to her memory.

Tiny Paper Cranes believes in the philosophy that many tiny gestures, acts of kindness, compassion and love can add up to something amazing.  One person at a time; one organization, one city, one nation at a time.

Here’s the link:

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