Meagan’s Walk Crane Ceremony


About a month ago my family and I met a nice couple while out at Bayview Village.  Blair and Elizabeth were curious about my young son and about my folding very small origami, we got to talking and eventually I offered them a tiny paper crane.  They took the crane and proceeded to tell me about Meagan’s Walk and about cranes being folded for some of the brain tumor patients.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and they invited me to attend the Crane Ceremony for Meagan’s Walk at Sick Kids Hospital this past week.  The Ceremony is a kick-off to the main event on May 11th where participants will walk about 5km from Fort York to the Hospital for Sick Children.  Upon arrival they will form a circle around the hospital and join hands giving a symbolic hug to all the patients inside.

It was great to hear about the work that has been accomplished in brain tumor research thanks to Meagan’s Walk and thrilling to hear stories from kids who have survived this tremendous challenge.  Seeing all the kids from different schools around the Greater Toronto Area who are getting involved in their own communities and folded cranes for the event was so moving for me.  A great summary of the Ceremony can be found in this article, by Catherine Porter of the Toronto Star.

I was very grateful to have been able to attend.  It was inspiring meeting Denise, Meagan’s mom.   She was so gracious and eloquent and so thoughtful; she transformed her tragedy into something positive and impactful.  She even gave me a crane to give to my son.

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