public nested cranes – an experiment


Published: January 3, 2012 | By leo.flor

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My mom’s Russian nesting dolls were my influence in this initiative.  For a while now I’ve been wanting to put cranes in cranes.  Further inspiration came from Sandy a fellow crane maker who leaves cranes with inspirational words for people to find.

I’ve wanted to do a public crane display (Banksy style, see also but wasn’t sure how to do them since I don’t know how people will receive the art (and I don’t want to litter).  My cranes are very small, even if you watch me fold origami, you can’t always tell what I’m doing.  I can’t just leave tiny paper cranes out somewhere, they might be mistaken for a gum wrappers!  Also, I like giving the crane directly to the person or having some other connection to the recipient of the crane.  I’m hoping whoever finds the crane, finds me.

And that is the birth of this idea.  I will put a tiny paper crane inside a bigger crane and set it free to be found.  I intend to leave the crane(s) hanging somewhere, they are birds they should be up somewhat.  Hence I will fold it out of a Post-it note sticky side out.  I will stick it to something, like this.

The final aspect of this is to reward whoever is courageous enough to take my crane, unfold it, find the smaller crane and make it back to my website.  If you are this person, post a comment here or my Facebook page and I will donate $20 to the registered charity of your choice.  Or you can remain completely anonymous if you like, in which case e-mail me.

Now to think of where to put this so that someone adventurous will find it!  :)

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  • Skee, your ideas are amazing! You have such incredible thought behind the paper cranes and your thoughts in delivery of the cranes have the ability to make a difference in someone’s life. That is truly incredible. I am so proud to call you my friend! :)

  • Such a great idea skee. :)

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