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October is recognized as breast cancer awareness month and one may notice an increase in pink.  A variety of organizations such as CIBC have special events this month like the Run for the Cure.  My friends at the dress company, Henkaa, are having a special promotion this month, including a social media campaign.  Even the National Football League is in on the act as you will notice players, coaches and even officials donning pink football gear (which are later auctioned for charity).  It’s an odd sight, certainly eye-catching.

This blog is a fan of NFL football and of cancer awareness so I wanted to recognize this month as well.  I folded these pink cranes a while ago hoping to do something charitable with them this month, perhaps there’s still time.

What you can’t put off though is getting a mammogram.  Breast cancer is one of the cancers that are beatable and you can increase your odds by finding it early.  Let all the pink be a gentle reminder for the women of the appropriate demographic to get checked.  Hopefully this can be a subject that no one should have trouble broaching with a loved-one going forward.  Giant athletes battling each other in a full-contact sport are willing to wear pink, we should oblige.


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